Shenley Jujitsu Club has produced many senior black belts over the years and after further training they have taught the students and even taken over the running of the club. Some senseis have moved on and set up new Goshin Jitsu clubs. All instructors have First Aid certificates and have been CRB checked for working with children.

Here are Shenley's current instructors.

Sensei Geoff 3rd Dan

Geoff - 3rd Dan Black

23 years Jujitsu
1 year in USA Seiei-Kan Jujitsu
2000 Sho Dan Ho Jujitsu
2002 Sho Dan Jujitsu
2004 Ni Dan Jujitsu
2010 San Dan Jujitsu
Level 3 BJJAGB Coach
Favourite Technique
Tia o'toshi
Geoff first took up jujitsu at Shenley and worked his way through the belts to become senior instructor. He has been running the club for the past 12 years.

Sensei Darren 3rd Dan

Darren - 3rd Dan Black

21 years Jujitsu
2003 Sho Dan Ho Jujitsu
2004 Sho Dan Jujitsu
2007 Ni Dan Jujitsu
2010 San Dan Jujitsu
Level 1 BJJAGB Coach

Sensei Jason 2nd Dan

Jason - 2nd Dan Black

18 years Jujitsu
2007 Sho Dan Ho Jujitsu
2008 Sho Dan Jujitsu
2012 Ni Dan Jujitsu
Level 3 BJJAGB Coach

Sensei Sam 2nd Dan

Sam - 2nd Dan Black

26 years Jujitsu
2009 Sho Dan Ho Jujitsu
2009 Sho Dan Jujitsu
2013 Ni Dan Jujitsu