We are a not-for-profit club - the instructors don't get paid, and any money we make helps subsidise the cost of equipment, courses and competitions for the students.

Session fee

This covers the cost of hiring the practice area (dojo) and is paid each time you train.

Seniors : £6.00 per session
Juniors : £5.00 per session

Annual membership

If you wish to try out a few sessions before deciding whether to join, you pay only the session fee, but you can only try the basic locks and self defence moves. Joining the club for a year costs £35 for seniors and £25 for juniors. This covers membership to the BJJA and includes insurance while on the mat. As well as that you get a club badge and a Budo pass book to record your gradings. Renewal each year is £30 for seniors and £20 for juniors.


For your first few sessions, wear loose fitting clothes such as a t-shirt and tracksuit trousers. If you decide to join you'll need to buy a jujitsu suit (gi) and your first belt (obi). You can buy this from the club, or anywhere else - so long as the suit is plain white and the belt is red. The club has an account with Blitz and can buy suits and other equipment at close to wholesale prices.


There are three gradings a year, although if you cannot make it on the day you can be graded during a club night. The grading fee covers the cost of a new belt and a certificate (if you pass). We try to make sure students only attempt a grading when we and they are happy they will succeed. Because of this, we rarely have students fail. Usually a high grade instructor (typically 5th Dan) will come and take the grading - adding to the pressure!

Seniors : £12 per grading
Juniors : £12 per grading
Under 10's : £12 per grading